How to deploy React.js App on Heroku

It’s super easy !!!

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  • Step 1: Install dependencies

You will be needing the following packages

npm i express dotenv
  • Step 2: Create a server file in Project Folder

Inside your project folder, create a file named “server.js” and copy the following contents inside it.

const path = require('path');
  • Step 3: Push to GitHub

Add git add all your files, commit them and push them to GitHub, we will deploy the automatically from their

  • Step 4: on Heroku
  1. Create a new App
  2. In deploy section, connect your GitHub account :
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and select the repository containing your react project

3. In settings, configure your environment variables, if you have them.

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4. Deploy setting :

you can keep automatic deploy setting ON on Heroku if you want, but it’s better to return it off because free tier gives u only 5 builds and if you git push more than 5 times, 6th time you won’t be able to deploy your project. Better keep it off.

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Then just click deploy and

That’s it, you are DONE !!!


I hope you were successful :

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