Everything’ i did to get vs code and wsl to work together for python :)

Every windows user should be using python in this way.

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Step 1 : basics things

  • Install vs code from here.
  • Install any Linux distro, ex : ubuntu, from Microsoft store
  • open Ubuntu terminal and set it up.
  • run the following commands
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  • to check for for python version
python3 --version
  • install pip and pylint by
sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo apt-get install pylint
  • Open vs code and in the extensions tab
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  • search for “Remote-Wsl” and install it
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Step 4: Initializing from Ubuntu

  • open the Ubuntu terminal
  • make sure you are in the home directory [ if not type “cd” and press enter ]
  • make a folder and open it
mkdir python_proj
cd python_proj
  • type “code .” and press enter.

This will open vs-code

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you will see this symbol after vs code set up wsl

  • Make a new file, ex: “app.py”
  • when you open the file, vs code prompts to install python extension, go for it.
  • then vs code prompts for to select python interpreter, select the python 3 version
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  • vs code will then prompt you to install lint in the pop from down right
  • click “select linter”
  • and then from the drop down menu in the center menu, select pylint.

Congrats, you are all done now!!

Step 6: running your first program

  • in the app.py write the code

print(“Hello world”)

  • then press ctrl+`
  • wsl pops up as terminal
  • give the command python3 app.py and press enter.

You are done now

I hope you were successful :

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