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Pre Final Year | CSE undergrad

Let’s say you want to store the data of 100 students in a diary. You can do it in 3 ways :

  • write down all the data in a diary in random order
  • write down all the data in a diary in sorted order according to roll number
  • write down…

This guide is for PostgreSQL :

Getting Started with PostgreSQL :

Loading Sample Data Guide :

Link to written version in the end


  • Create user defined data type with a range, optional, DEFAULT, NOT NULL and CHECK Constraint.
  • They are unique within schema scope.
  • Helps standardise your database types in one place.
  • Composite Type : Only single value return

what is idempotent again ?

Closure, Memoization, Idempotence : Decoding and understanding programming terms one by one in simplest definition

All code written in this javascript, but dont worry about the language, syntax is kept super simple. For practise, you can implement them in your favourite programming language.

Lets start…

Understanding it easily, once and for all.

So you might have come across these 2 terms, proxy and reverse proxy while browsing the internet or going through system settings. But do you really understand the differences … ? This article will settle the difference between proxy and reverse proxy.



Kubernetes would be too overkill

In March, i tried learning nginx, a load balancer, reverse proxy and much more. At the same time, i was looking into buying a domain for my portfolio site. Now trying to apply this new super power that i got, i tried to deploy it…

Take a look at GC running visually

Quick Look at Garbage Collector

‌A simple program that creates a byte array of 100000000 elements and lets print the memory allocations.

package mainimport ("fmt""runtime""time")func printStats(mem runtime.MemStats) {runtime.ReadMemStats(&mem)fmt.Println("mem.Alloc:", mem.Alloc)fmt.Println("mem.TotalAlloc:", mem.TotalAlloc)fmt.Println("mem.HeapAlloc:", mem.HeapAlloc)fmt.Println("mem.NumGC:", mem.NumGC)fmt.Println("-----")}func main() {

Super Simple

Code we will be testing :

package mainimport (    "fmt"    "log"    "net/http")func main() {  http.HandleFunc("/", helloWorldEndPoint)  fmt.Println("Server :  http://localhost:8080")  log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil))}func helloWorldEndPoint(
writer http.ResponseWriter,
request *http.Request) {
fmt.Fprintf(writer, "hello world")}

Testing web server in Golang

  • create a file with name <anything>_test.go, these files are ignore by compiler

Uday Yadav

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